Webinar Exploring Calibration and Adjustment in Thermal Analysis

Webinar - Calibration and Adjustment in Thermal Analysis

This Webinar Explains Why Regular Calibration and Adjustment Are Important during the Lifetime of Your Instrument

Calibration, adjustment and the appropriate level of routine testing for thermal analysis instrumentation are critical to ensuring high-quality results and maintaining GMP and USP compliance. The presentation explains how to achieve effective calibration, including determination of measurement uncertainty.

Unique FlexCal Calibration and Adjustment in Thermal Analysis

Depending on the thermal analysis system, different parameters need to be considered for calibration (e.g. temperature, heat flow, length and force). If these are not available, STARe software's FlexCal® technology automatically estimates and applies the correct adjustment parameters to match the heating rate, purge gas and crucible type specified in the measurement method.

Webinar Overview

  • Background information
  • A simple workflow for calibration and adjustment
  • Discussion about the various adjustment possibilities
  • Explanation of METTLER TOLEDO's FlexCal® − the database for adjustment parameters


When Is Calibration Needed?

  • With a new instrument
  • When a specified time period has elapsed
  • Whenever observations appear questionable

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