Experience the ProdX Solution | Live Demo

Discover how our data management software, ProdX, can revolutionize your data collection process

Program Overview

  • See first-hand how ProdX collects and stores real-time data and makes compliance easier via automated alerts and reports
  • Explore how ProdX can help food manufacturers improve product quality, reduce downtime, and optimize inspection processes through data-driven insights
  • Take the opportunity to ask our expert team any questions you have about the software

Join our online demonstration of ProdX, our leading product inspection software solution for quality control and food safety in the food processing industry. This is a unique opportunity for food manufacturers worldwide to experience the benefits of ProdX from the comfort of their home or office.

In our first-ever live, online demonstration of ProdX, you will hear from our software experts how ProdX can make preparing for audits effortless. Learn how ProdX can transform how you collect and store essential product inspection data to save time and resources!

In this demonstration, attendees will experience the following features of ProdX:

  • Real-time data collection: ProdX collects real-time data from all inspection devices, including metal detectors, checkweighers, x-ray machines, and vision inspection systems. This data is collected continuously and is used to monitor the performance of each device.
  • Automated alerts: ProdX is equipped with automated alert capabilities that can notify users when there is a problem with a device or process.
  • Historical data analysis: ProdX stores historical data from all inspection devices, allowing users to analyze trends and identify patterns.
  • Performance testing: ProdX can be used to securely record performance test results on all inspection devices to confirm they are operating within specified parameters.

Attendees will have the chance to speak with our expert team to learn how ProdX can benefit their business and get answers to any questions they have. This is a free event and is open to all food processing professionals who are interested in learning more about the latest technology in food safety and quality control.

Register today to hold your spot and take advantage of this rare opportunity. We look forward to sharing with you the latest technology in food safety and quality control!

Target audience

Food Safety Managers, Production or Manufacturing Managers, IT Specialists, Global Food Retailers, Quality Control Specialists, Food Safety Specialists, Production & Packaging, Operation Managers, CEOs, Change Management Agents, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Operators.


Image of Ian Scott-Mance

Ian Scott-Mance

Digital Transformation Manager

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Peter Spring

ProdX Product Manager

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Lloyd de Jongh

Software Sales Support Specialist