White Paper

How to Establish and Maintain Metrological Traceability

White Paper

Comprehensive Guidance on Metrological Traceability

Metrological traceability is the fundamental concept of modern measurements. It assures the inter-comparability of measurement results globally and is required by standards such as ISO 9001, USP, ISO 17025 and many more.

Read our White Paper and learn more about the background of metrological traceability and get comprehensive guidance on how to use, establish and maintain it.


Metrological traceability is a property of a measurement result. This means that, although it is sometimes stated, a measurement device or instrument cannot be traceable. It is only a result that is (or is not) traceable.

Metrological traceability always requires a reference. This can be the definition of a unit or a realization of a unit (a measurement standard). According to this definition, an organization cannot be a reference.