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Webinar: How to Select the Right Mass Comparator

What You Need to Consider to Achieve Reliable Mass Calibration Results

Mass comparators are high-precision balances that offer extremely high resolution and exceptional repeatability, enabling them to be used to determine the smallest differences in mass. This is what makes mass comparators perfect for calibrating and verifying masses and weights in mass metrology.

However, to ensure your mass comparator is fit-for-purpose, there are many things that must be considered, including the specific requirements of your calibration laboratory.

In this webinar, our metrology expert guides you through these considerations and provides valuable information on:

  • The traceability chain of mass and why it is important
  • The weight calibration process (including a hands-on demonstration)
  • A-B-A and A-B-B-A calibration methods
  • Different requirements for weight calibration
  • Useful tools to assist you in selecting the right mass comparator
  • Other measurement instruments that are vital to the weight calibration process

This webinar will help you select the right new mass comparator and includes information on useful tools that can support you in the selection process.