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Case Study

Quality Control of Snack Food at Berli Jucker

Case Study

Halogen Moisture Analysis Boosts the Crunch at a Thai Snack Food Producer

Berli Jucker Foods Co., Ltd., or BJC, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of snack foods in Thailand and its neighboring countries. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, they produce a range of treats marketed under brands including Dozo, Tasto and Party. 

BJC are renowned for innovation and high standards, which have helped them to earn customers’ loyalty and become a market leader. Their Quality Assurance department pays particular attention to moisture content determination, as moisture content is a major challenge affecting their products’ texture and shelf-life, and for a number of years they have relied on drying ovens for their moisture results. However, to update their QA and optimize moisture content determination, BJC recently contacted multiple instrument suppliers, including METTLER TOLEDO, for options that could accelerate their processes. 

Flexible, adaptable

Following discussions with employees in BJC’s Quality Assurance department, METTLER TOLEDO’s representative recommended the HX204 Halogen Moisture Analyzer. 

The company demoed the instrument, finding it well adapted to their workflows. They purchased several, along with a service contract with yearly calibration and preventive maintenance. 

BJC particularly appreciated the HX204’s shortcuts which, in combination with its user management and method assignment features, help to ensure simple and error-free operations. The Quality Assurance supervisor can customize each operator’s display so that it shows only the method required for the current task, while shortcuts start drying methods directly from the home screen—for faster results with a lower probability of operator errors.

In addition, the hanging weighing pan ensures optimal measurement performance by keeping the weighing chamber separated from the heating source. It allows easy cleaning of the stainless steel sample chamber, minimizing the risk that spilled samples might contaminate the weighing chamber. And for improved ergonomics and a reduced benchprint, all HX204 instruments are equipped with an optional terminal stand.

HC103 Moisture Analyzer
HC103 Moisture Analyzer

Smooth operation

BJC also consulted with METTLER TOLEDO’s specialists to design dedicated moisture content determination workflows. Now, they undertake comprehensive sample preparation, including grinding or milling, prior to moisture analysis, ensuring that they obtain highly accurate results as rapidly as possible.

With its user management and method assignment functions, and a custom method portfolio, the HX204 instrument helps BJC to maintain regulatory compliance with ISO, HACCP, FSSC and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). And with fast, accurate results to keep production moving, it ensures BJC snacks’ consistent crunch—to earn, and hold, customers’ trust.