Live Webinar: Chemical Process Safety & Scale-up

Chemical Process Methodologies for Risk and Safety Assessment

This event is for process chemists and engineers who are interested in developing and implementing strategic approaches to ensure product quality via process reproducibility and stability – in a resource-sparing manner. Each presenter will share practical examples and case studies on the use of process analytics to overcome challenges around route selection, reaction understanding and monitoring, heat transfer, and process safety.

About the Speakers

alessandro barozza

Alessandro Barozza

Head of R&D Process Safety Lab., Procos SpA (CBC Group)

ayman allian

Ayman Allian

Senior Director - Engineering Technology and Process Safety, Eli Lilly and Company

Past Presentations

Continuous Crystallization of Paracetamol Using NiTech COBC
William Davies, NiTech Solutions Ltd.
Daniel Ward, Nalas Engineering Services

Scaling-Up Potentially Runaway Systems Using Calorimetry: Neutralization Reaction Case Study
Professor Sabrina Copelli, L’Università degli Studi dell’Insubria

Who Should Attend?

Process chemists and chemical engineers who need to:

  • Consider the impact of scaling up delayed or auto-catalyzed reactions, heat or product accumulations, or heat transfer
  • Understand reaction mechanisms such as critical reaction parameters, kinetics, reaction intermediates, or limits of heat exchange
  • Investigate 'what if' scenarios like cooling failure, mixing failure, heat exchange fouling, or dosing disruptions
  • Increase productivity and understanding by eliminating critical data gaps through automated sampling and modeling
  • Optimize data quality through representative, reproducible sampling while limiting exposure to hazardous chemistry