Live Webinar: Digitalization and Data Management: Increasing Productivity in Chemical Development

Digital Innovations and Trends in Chemical Process Engineering

The digital revolution in the chemical industry is changing how chemical engineering research, innovation, education, and business are conducted. Many new challenges and possibilities are emerging as scientists and engineers progress in the digitalization journey. Modern tools are being leveraged to achieve high-quality data collection, effective collation and structuring of data, and easy sharing of information across organizations and between systems.

In this session, we will explore the innovations made during this transition and provide a forum for digitalization experts to present their findings and share their thoughts on the challenges and possibilities of this evolution.

Past Presentations

Digitalization of Lab Data – Solutions and Challenges
Dietmar Flubacher, Novartis, Switzerland

Integration of Data Structure between iControl and ELN – AZ’s Journey
Allyson McIntyre, Astra Zeneca, United Kingdom

Bringing Structure to an Unstructured Lab
Hahdi Perfect, Pfizer, United States

There is no cost to attend, but registration is required and space is limited.