Live Webinar: Industrial Crystallization Particle Engineering

Process Optimization to Scale-up

Featuring presenters from industry and academia, this free online event is for chemists and engineers who are interested in learning more about the methods employed to monitor and control particle processes like crystallization. Each presenter will share practical examples and case studies on developing and optimizing processes.

Past Presentations

Application of Computer Vision in Pharmaceutical Crystallization Processes
Dr. Zhenguo Gao - Tianjin University 

Control Polymorph, Particle Size and Purity Through Crystal Engineering
Bahareh Khalili, Ph.D. and Peter Ho, Ph.D. - Eurofins CDMO Alphora

Effect of Low Level Organic Impurities on Pharmaceutical Crystallization Kinetics and Impact on Physical Properties
Saurin Hiren Rawal - Eli Lilly and Company


2024 Presentations to be determined.